Nethercutt (Rokon) Pre-production Trail-Breakers

Trailbreaker #1

- Likely the first bike built by Charlie Fehn and used as the example for the patent drawings.
- Originally called "Trailmaker"

Number 1

Number 1a

Number 1B

Trailbreaker #2

Number 2

Number 2a

Number 2b

Number 2c

Trailbreaker #3
These pictures are commonly referred to as "The Maico Bike"

Number 3

Number 3a

Trailbreaker #4
The pre-production MK1

- the angled air filter
- primary cover does not have the expanded metal center found on the production MK1

Number 4

Trailbreaker #5
The standardized production MK1 - MK1 and earlier were "Trailbreaker", MK2 and later "Trail-Breaker"

Number 5