Rokon Parts Drawings

Some illustrations that may help you out.

Engine (exploded view)
Horsepower Chart
Torque Chart
Albion Transmission
Mercury Centrifugal Clutch
Plunger Transmission
Over-Ride Spring

Basic layout. The change was made in 1974.

Wiring diagram for the early (Albion transmission) alternator kit


I am interested in anything Rokon related, the more unusual the better.
You can contact me at I am looking for things like:

* Sales literature

* Photos. Especially those showing unusual uses or modifications to Trail-Breakers

* ANYTHING to do with bikes built by Nethercutt of California

* Service or Maintenance bulletins

* Dealer binders. Three ring binder used by dealers to hold sales items, etc. Especially want a white one

* Bike serial numbers. Frame and/or engine

* Information on deciphering Nethercutt serial numbers

* Virtually anything else!