Rokon History
The true history of Rokon.

Message Board
Question and answer forum.

Rokon Chat
Every Wednesday and Friday night around 9 pm EST.

Weird, strange,'ll love it.

Photo Gallery
Over 120 Rokon photos!

Rokon Registry
Feed my sick obsession with documenting the Rokon survivors.

Charlie Fehn Story
Inventor of the Trail-Breaker. Well researched and written by Robert Galbraith.

Modifications the Rokon crew have made to their bikes.

Alternative sources for Rokon parts. Also, very useful exploded views of the Rokon driveline.

Specs on the 2-stroke Trail-Breakers.

I. D. Guide
A very basic Rokon identification guide.

Moto-tractor Maintenance Manual, Volume 1
Coming soon! FREE download. General Maintenance for all Rokons.

Moto-tractor Maintenance Manual, Volume 2
Model KD, MK2, and MK3 (1963-73) Assembly, Maintenance, and Operations manual. 43 pages. FREE download.

Salsbury Torque-Converter Maintenance Manual
Info on the Salsbury units used on 1970-73 MK3/4 Automatics and all Rokons 1974-current. FREE download.

Video: Cruising on Ol' Yellers
All slow, all go.

Video: Honda Powered Ranger at Idle
Ranger idling quietly.

Video: Ol' Yeller Romping Over a Trash Can
Don't try this at home. No wait, do try this at home.

Video: Snow Ride
His first-ever ride on a Rokon, shows how easy these bikes are to master.

Restored Rokon
Restored 1972 Trail-Breaker MK3.

Restoring a Scout
Follow along with the restoration of Manyringding, the one-legged Scout.

Rokon Dealers, list your business here FREE.

New Trail-Breaker 2
The Kohler powered Trail-Breaker 2 new for 2000 and available from Big Country of Oregon. Or contact Rokon Inc directly. Be sure and tell them you saw the TB2 here at Rokon World, they like to hear that.

Magazine Articles
A list of magazine articles on the Rokon 2x2.

Rokons on the www.

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March 26, 2000

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